Fine & Historic Bookbindings

Michael Laird is recognized as an authority in the history of bookbinding and has published several scholarly articles on the subject. He has identified innumerable important bindings from the Gothic era, Italian and French Renaissance, English Restoration period, early American bindings, and others.  

[BADIER, Florimond]. Le Nouveau Testament (1656-1661). An unrecorded Fanfare binding by the "Atelier Florimond Badier, 2nd Period," for which see Esmerian Deuxieme Partie, Tables Synoptiques, Atelier Florimond Badier 1630-1668, Annex A / fin, fers 1-4. This era of the Badier Atelier is described in great detail by De Conihout / Ract-Madoux, Musee Conde, for which see the tooling on No. 17 (note identical positioning of the four inlocking tools in the 2nd and 4th horizontal compartments), No. 21 and No. 25. The elegant decoration on this binding is known as a "Reliure a decor de fanfare vide" in which the central medalion is open. A virtually identical binding appeared in the second sale of the Bibliotheque Claude L. on a 1654 Paris John Climacus (sold 29 April 2007, lot 107).

Moncrif "Les Chats" (1727)

[Ingalton of Eton, binder]. Herbert's Musae Etonenses (1795). Beautiful copy on Large Paper, bound in contemporary full diced calf. Signed with Ingalton's ticket. Few examples by this Eton binder are known. We have been informed by Eton College Library that there are no bindings by Ingalton in their library (sic). 

[Lamoignon copy, bound by Pierre & Etienne Enguerrand]. Pellerin's Recueil de medailles des rois. Eight volumes in seven. The Lamoignon copy of the finest private numismatic collection ever formed by an individual, with 202 folding engraved plates illustrating more than 4000 coins and medals. Lamoignon's set was bound in the famed workshop of Pierre & Etienne Enguerrand (a.k.a. Angeurrand). Pierre Enguerrand was royal binder to Louis XV from 1759 to 1766; he was succeeded by his son Etienne in 1767, who served as royal binder to Louis XVI until 1783. The shop accepted commissions from the foremost collectors of the age, such as the Abbe Rothelin, the Comte d'Argenson, the Marquis de Paulmy (son of Comte d'Argenson and founder of the Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal), and Lamoignon.

[Samuel Mearne bindery]. Sammelband of 23 English Almanacs for the year 1678. Contemporary gilt-panelled red morocco, bound in the workshop of Samuel Mearne (Royal Binder), crowned monogram of Charles II in each corner, spine gilt, horizontal vellum divider strips between each almanac. An imposing volume of 23 Almanacs from the Year 1678, a pivotal moment in the "Glorious Revolution," here bound in the workshop of Samuel Mearne, Royal bookbinder to Charles II. Our binding is nearly identical to the 1683 Sammelband of Almanacs that is reproduced in the Folger's Fine and Historic Bookbindings catalogue (No. 6:12).

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