Illustrated Books

We specialize in illustrated books from all nationalities, from the Medieval to the Modern and everything in between: Renaissance, Elizabethan, Restoration, Baroque, Eighteenth-century, Victorian, livres d'artiste, Surrealist, and more. 

Moncrif "Les Chats" (1727)

Aesop's Fables in Catalan, ca. 1790. First appearance of these strange and wonderful woodcuts, no doubt executed by a long-forgotten Catalonian artist of considerable imagination and humor. The present edition seems to have been overlooked in the standard bibliographies on the subject. The text is profusely illustrated throughout with 195 (sic!) extraordinary woodcuts, charming in their naivety, yet following exactly the narrative of the Fables. SOLD

Morris Rosenfield, Lieder des Ghetto (Berlin, 1902). Profusely illustrated throughout by E.M. Lilien with borders and decorations on every page, and a number of full or double-page illustrations. An outstanding copy, apparently printed on fine paper. Ephraim Moses Lilien (1874-1925) has often been described as the first artist of the Zionist Movement, or even labeled at times the "first Zionist artist." Lilien's Lieder des Ghetto is one of his first published books (he was only 28 years of age) and one of masterpieces. His meticulous and imaginative renderings are perfectly suited to Rosenfeld's passionate songs of immigrant Jews and the plight of American sweatshops.


Rudolf Erich Raspe, Abenteuer des Beruhmten Freiherrn von Munchhausen (1841). First appearance of these superb illustrations by Swiss artist Martin Disteli, his most important work, illustrating the wonderful adventures of the "liar" Baron Munchhausen. It remains one of the most charming of all illustrated editions of Munchhausen, and without a doubt inspired Dore's edition of 1862. 

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